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Teleseminar Info

Monday, March 20
Cracking the Continuing Education Code
for a Healthy Revenue Stream

with Jeff Justice, CSP

Jeff JusticeDo you know about CEUs? Many professions and associations require their members to stay up to date by getting an amount of “continuing education” training each year.

You may have programs that could benefit those industries. And those programs could be delivered online, earning you money while you lie on the beach.

Our next session with Jeff Justice will tell you what you need to know to tap into this lucrative but little-known way to deliver your content to an eager audience.

Read more about this session at the bottom of this newsletter, then register or pre-order the MP3. Note: Everyone who registers for the teleseminar will get the MP3 recording of the session for free.

Coming soon

  • Apr 3, Mon — “Escape the Price Race to the Bottom” with Sarah Petty
  • Apr 18, Tue — “Crafting Your Reward Miles/Points Strategy and Getting the Highest Value from Travel Rewards” with Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC and Adele Good
  • May 2, Tue — “Increase Your Revenue by Licensing Your IP to Clients and Other Trainers” with Candace Fitzpatrick, MBA, CSP
  • May 16, Tue — “Video Marketing Secrets and Tips” with Frank Furness

Maximize Your Revenue with Each Client by Adding Services

It’s been said that the easiest person to sell to is one who’s already bought from you. Do you have a menu of options to suggest after the client makes their first purchase with you? If so, it’s easier to suggest additional services once they’ve said "yes" to you initially, or immediately after you’ve delivered your first service to them.

There are many ways to increase your offerings. Some are easy, some take extensive training, and some take a unique skill or perspective. These three recordings feature colleagues’ add-on expertise that you may be able to adapt — or at least expand your thinking.

  • “Expand Your Client Base and Maximize Your Revenue by Adding Executive Coaching Services” with Paul N. Larsen, CPPC
  • “Add Another Revenue Stream by Offering Client Service Audits” with Laurie Guest, CSP
  • “Add to Your Speaking Revenue As a Professional Emcee” with Mark Standriff

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All SNN single-focused intensive packages are detailed here.

Miscellaneous Tips

“After-Action Report” yields insightsCourtenay Thompson

Not every presentation goes as intended, not every client interaction is perfect. After a less-than-satisfying presentation, I created an After-Action Report using a mind map. I had used AAR’s forever, and mind maps as well, but never an AAR using mind mapping. It was soon obvious that the problem was me and my internal reaction to the situation. Every time I searched for a cause or factor contributing to the situation I found it was my own ego! This important lesson allowed me to maintain a good relationship with what would become one of my favorite clients.

Save $550 on Amex PlatinumRebecca Morgan

If you like the benefits of Amex Platinum but not the soon-to-be $550 annual fee (as of March 30), switch to an Ameriprise Amex Platinum, as your first year card fees are waived — saving you $550. With this card, you can earn an additional 5,000 points for every $20,000 in eligible purchases on the card, up to 30,000 additional points per year. It doesn’t include bonus sign-up points or the 10 GoGo in-flight WiFi sessions that the Amex Platinum Business does, but includes the other Amex Platinum benefits.

Name tag tipAlfred Poor

The traditional around-the-neck lanyard is a terrible way to display your name in networking settings. People have to stare at your belly to see your name and affiliation, which makes it difficult to make eye contact. When given a pin-on tag, people almost always put it over their left chest (where there’s a pocket on many suit coats). That’s better, but still not optimal. Veteran networkers will tell you that the ideal location is on your right shoulder, where it can easily be seen when shaking hands and introducing yourself. I carry clip-on (or magnetic-backed) badge holders in different sizes, and slip my event badge into one.

Instant spin-off productsJeff Davidson

Converting audio and video recordings into revenue-generating products is an ever-present opportunity for speakers. For example, some audience members and client organizations would pay for a transcript of your presentation. So, if you record your audio or video, transcribe the recording, clean it up, print it, and perhaps bind the document (or sell as an e-book or e-report), you have an instant product and additional source of revenue.

Generally, for every three minutes that you speak to a group, you create two pages of transcribed material. After deleting any redundancies and unnecessary verbal asides, you’re left with roughly a page and a half, or about 400 to 450 words.

A one-hour speech yields 40 transcribed pages — about 30 pages after being cleaned up — averaging about 250 to 275 a page. Thus, a one-hour speech can net you 7,000 words, which is a substantial word count, equal to about two chapters in a book, or three or four magazine-length articles. As such, you have a document that you can sell for a good fee.

(Editors’ note: Get more ideas like this from our SNN teleseminar on a similar topic, “How to Turn Your Best Speech into a Successful Book” with Bethany Brown and Amy Collins)

Technology Tips

Excel tipBonnie Wooding

Have you ever looked at your spreadsheet and realized the data would be clearer if the info in the rows were in the columns and the columns were rows? No need to retype or copy / paste.

  1. Select data
  2. Copy
  3. Click on an empty cell in a blank area of your worksheet (or on a new worksheet)
  4. On the home ribbon / click the Paste dropdown arrow
  5. Select "paste special" and check the Transpose box. Click OK

Online recording tipEllen Finkelstein

If you just want to record yourself speaking online, you can use the software that comes with your webcam. But if you want to show your screen, to display slides or do a demo, Zoom (Zoom.us) is free. It’s really a meeting and webinar service and it’s free for up to 40 minutes for meetings of up to 50 people. But it’s free without time limit for 1-on-1 meetings. Of course, recording a video of just you, you can go as long as you want. Zoom also lets you switch between showing yourself (via your webcam) and your screen, so you can start "live," and then go to your slides.

(Editors’ note: Ellen Finkelstein included lots of cool tips in her SNN webinar, “Little-Known Tips for Making Your Slides as Great as Your Speech”)

Rebecca Morgan Special deal: Get Rebecca Morgan’s acclaimed “Making Money In Your Jammies” home-study video-based course for a $100 tax-deductible donation at twcctw.org. This is a $297 value! First 10 buyers only! Forward your receipt to Rebecca@RebeccaMorgan.com and we’ll send you the course.

Travel Tips

Business Class tipBrenda Bence

Tip for travelers in Business Class, using your private console: If you want to bypass watching the commercials at the beginning of any movie or television show, tap once on the “fast-forward” button, then within one second, hit the “play” button. This will zip you past the ads so that you can begin to watch your show. (And, by the way, as a lifelong brand-builder and marketer, I can’t believe I’m sharing this tip... ha...)

(Editors’ note: Brenda shared lots of useful info in her SNN teleseminar, “Apply Lessons Learned from Running Billion-Dollar Businesses to Grow Your Speaking Enterprise”)

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Constant Contact

SpeakerNet News Teleseminar Info

Monday, March 20
Cracking the Continuing Education Code
for a Healthy Revenue Stream

with Jeff Justice, CSP

Jeff JusticeThere is a little-known way to monetize your virtual programs. Not many of your competitors utilize this revenue source. Once implemented, you’ll smile every time money is deposited in your account — often multiple times a day.

Virtual Continuing Education (CE) programs are one of the best-kept secrets in the speaking, training and consulting business. They’re a lucrative income stream and a readymade market. They are not easy to discover and navigate on your own.

In this information-packed program, you’ll learn the “soup to nuts” system for developing, marketing and delivering CE programs for trade and professional organizations.

You will learn:

  • what CE programs are and why they’re required for some professions
  • how to double your current income with CE programs
  • how to match your expertise to a niche market
  • topics that lend themselves to a CE program
  • how to find trade and professional organizations that require CEUs
  • how to choose the most lucrative markets
  • when to offer programs at the local, state and national level
  • 5 key factors in developing your program
  • ideal length and size for CE programs
  • how much to charge
  • how far ahead you need to plan (the program timeline)
  • how to approach trade and professional organizations to offer CEUs
  • steps to get your program accredited
  • which types of marketing and learning materials work best for CE programs
  • 3 ways to maximize your return on investment
Register or order the MP3 recording.
Note: people who register for the teleseminar will get the MP3 recording of the session for free.

Date: Monday, March 20
Time: 7:00 pm Eastern, 6 pm Central, 5 pm Mountain, 4 pm Pacific
 (Enter your location here to get your local time)
Length: 60 minutes
Cost: $25

Special Limited-Time Offer:

If you would like more ideas for marketing your content online, we’re suggesting the MP3 recordings of several earlier programs to complement this program:

  • “Expand Your Passive Profits with Online Courses” with Jeanette Cates, PhD
  • “Turn Your Content into e-Learning for Steady Income” with Brian Sullivan, CSP

With your order of this live or recorded session, at checkout you will be offered these recordings.

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