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Feedback on our SNN teleseminars:

  • “Rebecca is excellent at interviewing and getting great information from the presenters. (listening to it right now).” —Sylvia Plester-Silk
  • “As busy as we all are, the teleseminar ‘Using Podcasts to Attract New Customers’ with Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE was well worth my time to commit to my own development.” —Gregg Gregory

Intensive — Getting and Keeping Decision Makers’ Attention

To be taken seriously, you have to understand the decision makers’ goals and concerns. You have to know what problems they face which don’t yet have a viable solution. Yet most won’t give you more than 5 minutes unless you have a strong introduction. What will make them hear you out? Partly, it’s speaking their language, using terms and issues that are keeping them up at night.

Whether C-level execs or meeting professionals, learn how they think, what they want and how to approach them. Know what turns them off and how to get information on their hot buttons before your call or meeting. Know how to make your pitch succinctly to pique their interest.

These three recordings will help you understand how to sell to decision makers.

  • “Getting Through to Meeting Planners” with Shawna Suckow
  • “Speaking” Corporate — A Former Executive’s View” with Bill Russell
  • “Getting to Corporate Decision Makers” with Jill Konrath

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All SNN single-focused intensive packages are detailed here.

Miscellaneous Tips

Recommendations of online schedulersRebecca Morgan

Here are the recommendations I received for online schedulers that allow prospects/clients to schedule calls with you online.

  • ScheduleOnce (suggested by Meggin McIntosh). I’ve been with them now for about 2 or 2.5 years and they have been excellent with only a tiny number of outages over the time. Their reminder system (both email and text) is great and I have the version that gives me 3 different options for my clients as far as time slots, messages, etc.
  • Book Like a Boss (suggested by Shirley George Frazier). It functions not only as a simplified, flawless online appointment book but also as a source for product and service sales, and its bells and whistles continue to expand.

Release a quick-start guide with your bookJohanna Rothman

I found that readers like the book for the detail and they love the quick-start guides for the “do this, do that.” I make my quick-start guides free, as a way to boost potential readership of the book. I try to keep the guide to about a page per book chapter.

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Technology Tips

iPhone tipsPeggy Duncan

  • Undo your last action by shaking your device (the feature has to be turned on Settings/General/Accessibility).
  • Use your device as a magnifying glass. As in Tip 1, the feature turns on the same way. To use, open the Camera app, tap the phone’s Home button three times (big, round button bottom center of iPhone). The magnifier is activated. Once you see what you need, tap the round, white button to freeze. Then pinch the image to expand if needed (or use the glider).
  • Go back to the top of the screen by tapping your device at the top (near where the time is).
  • Take a photo while you’re recording a video. You’ll see a white button to the left of the Record button. Tap it, and you’ll take a photo too (without disrupting the recording).
  • Turn on a flashlight. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and tap the Flashlight icon (bottom, extreme left).

Check your website’s mobile responsivenessRobert McEntee

With Google placing more emphasis on mobile-responsive websites, and more traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s important to know how your site performs and displays on a wide variety of devices. There are several websites that make checking simple. A good free one is Responsinator. Just enter your site and it instantly renders it on a variety of devices in both horizontal and vertical. You can check all pages as the menu is fully functional. I found certain graphics needed to be resized for a particular device or orientation. Very helpful!

Video recording sound tipTom Krauska

I’m video recording a friend’s vocal performance. She’s using a wireless microphone going into a sound board. I worked with the sound man to tap into his sound board and get an audio recording. All I needed was a 1/8" male to 1/4" male TRS. I plug this into my Zoom H1 and set it for a manual recording. You can have the sound person adjust the levels for your recorder.

Getting good sound is always a challenge in video recording and this is one way to fix that challenge.

Travel Tips

Wardrobe malfunction tipsFred Moore

  • When I was in the airplane bathroom the tab on my zipper broke off. Remembering an episode of MacGyver, from a flight attendant I got a paper clip to feed through where the missing tab once was. Problem solved.
  • Guys — forgot your black dress socks? Find one of the audio/video techs backstage and get some black gaffers tape (they live with that stuff). Then you can tape your ankles so no one in the audience will know you’re sock-less. Granted you’ll rip off all the hair on your ankles when you take it off but I’ll bet you NEVER forget to pack your socks again!

Boarding pass tipBeth Terry

Print extra boarding passes for all checked bags. Place the BP in an outside pocket to show flight information if you are separated from your bag. As always, cross out info on the BP that is unnecessary for this purpose and could compromise your safety or your flight. Reference

Auto-submit requests for flight issuesTom Krieglstein

I signed up for Service which tracks my flights, and if any flight has issues they will submit a claim on my behalf. You only pay if they get something from the airlines. So far — in just a week — I’ve already gotten $700 worth of miles credited to my account! Right now it only works if your flight confirmations are through a Gmail or Hotmail account.

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