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Teleseminar Info

Tuesday, October 17
Create Brain-Friendly, Participant-Centered
Presentations for More Engagement
and More Business

with Sarah Michel, CSP

Sarah MichelWould you like those in your audience to remember more of your ideas, and act on them?

Recent brain research into how adults learn is teaching us how we can design and present our content so that it is more easily retained.

Greater impact means greater results for your clients, and greater results means more business for you. Don’t miss this session.

Read more about this session at the bottom of this newsletter, then register or pre-order the MP3. Note: Everyone who registers for the teleseminar will get the MP3 recording of the session for free.

Save the date:

  • Oct. 25 — Dave Lieber will share his best ideas for writing regularly to get your content out on blogs, articles and/or books.

Intensive — Getting and Keeping Decision Makers’ Attention

To be taken seriously, you have to understand the decision makers’ goals and concerns. You have to know what problems they face which don’t yet have a viable solution. Yet most won’t give you more than 5 minutes unless you have a strong introduction. What will make them hear you out? Partly, it’s speaking their language, using terms and issues that are keeping them up at night.

Whether C-level execs or meeting professionals, learn how they think, what they want and how to approach them. Know what turns them off and how to get information on their hot buttons before your call or meeting. Know how to make your pitch succinctly to pique their interest.

These three recordings will help you understand how to sell to decision makers.

  • “Getting Through to Meeting Planners” with Shawna Suckow
  • “Speaking” Corporate — A Former Executive’s View” with Bill Russell
  • “Getting to Corporate Decision Makers” with Jill Konrath

More details

All SNN single-focused intensive packages are detailed here.

Miscellaneous Tips

Digital services agency recommendationLynn Robinson

I recommend HelpDeskDigital.biz. They’re a digital services agency that’s helping me with a wide variety of marketing-related projects including social media, content creation, video editing, graphic design, and website development. They’ve also redesigned my email newsletters and opt-in process, resulting in many new subscribers. Best of all they’re tracking the analytics for all of this, enabling us to see what’s working. Their customer service and insight into my branding have been terrific. Contact Kristal Methvin (Innovate@HelpDeskDigital.biz).

Tweetable social graphicsSandi Leyva

Interested in doing your part to encourage meeting planners to hire an equal number of men and women on the platform? Try this site for tweetable social graphics by providing gender counts about events.

Storytelling podcast recommendationChip Eichelberger

The podcast “The Whole Story” dissects the art of storytelling. Their website says, “It is modeled after that panel discussion at storytelling festivals that you always miss.”

Event insuranceRebecca Morgan

If your business policy doesn’t cover off-site events, I’ve found a company that will provide public event coverage for just the seminar day, or for the whole year for anywhere in the US at a very reasonable rate. Contact Alan Yee (alan@theeventhelper.com), TheEventHelper.com.

Do you deliver keynotes? Are your clients demanding more? Why leave money on the table? Have a trainer who just applied for his CSP, who has delivered over 750 full-day seminars (including those for a past NSA president), develop a workshop from your material! You stay home, the trainer delivers your workshop; you profit from your content and contacts. Interested? ted@januspresentations.com

Topic of the Month (TOTM) — Your Input Wanted

Our TOTM is: “What do you use for automatic, off-site backups and why? Include annual fee if you know it.”

Send your brief, pithy responses to editor@SpeakerNetNews.com. Please put “Topic of the Month” or “TOTM” in the subject line.

Marilyn Glazer

I use Carbonite. There are times when I need a file from my computer and only have my iPhone with me. No problem, Carbonite provides an app for my phone. The app allows me to access my backed up files, select the file that I need. I can then read, email, and even edit the file. Also, we were able to restore all data (through Carbonite) when we were hacked. I think it’s $55/year.

Rebecca Morgan

I use Dropbox for automatic backups as well as Apple’s iCloud Drive, and even put some files on Google Drive. I love that I don’t have to do anything after setup.

Rebecca Morgan Get your “free 15” — that’s 15 minutes to brainstorm with Making Money in Your Jammies expert Rebecca Morgan. Email to set your appointment to discuss how you can turn your intellectual capital into non-airplane income (NAI). Get serious about starting a new income stream. Rebecca@RebeccaMorgan.com

Requests for Info / Advice

Your practice on pre-conference handouts?Rita Risser Chai

I just received a link to the handouts for a conference I’m going to soon. Based on the handouts, I have completely revised my plans for which sessions to attend. These were my reactions:

  1. If you are spending 80% of your presentation on the problem and only 20% on the solution, I’m not going.
  2. If your solutions are trite, I’m not going.
  3. If your handout appears to tell me everything I need to know, I’m not going.
  4. If your handout is mostly blank spaces, I’m sort of intrigued.
  5. If you didn’t submit a handout, I’m interested!

This experience has made me re-think my approach to pre-conference handouts. I give a one-page hard copy handout because I want attendees to have something to remember me by. My handout doesn’t fall into numbers 1-4 above, but I think it’s more powerful when people see it with me. So I’m thinking of doing a #4 type handout pre-conference, then doing my usual handout at the conference. What do you think? I’ll compile answers for SNN.

SpeakerNet News Teleseminar Info

Tuesday, October 17
Create Brain-Friendly, Participant-Centered
Presentations for More Engagement
and More Business

with Sarah Michel, CSP

Sarah MichelYou’ve sat through boring speakers who talk *at* you for an hour (or more). You’ve learned it’s a great time to check your email and text with friends. *You* would never be a speaker like that.

But maybe you are and don’t realize it.

You need to integrate the newest research on how to design your presentation to align with how the brain naturally learns. When content is presented in brain-friendly ways, listeners become participants, increase their retention and spread contagious enthusiasm. Telling doesn’t equal learning. Nor does covering content mean content is learned.

Whether you focus on keynoting or training, you need to understand how to best implement the latest brain science to engage your audiences, and increase the chances they’ll remember and act on your ideas. Thinking, doing and participating reign!

You will:

  • compare and contrast information, education and learning
  • discover how to transition your presentation from expert-centered to a participant-centered model
  • learn brain-friendly strategies to make content stick, based on evidenced-based research
  • discuss effective audience engagement tactics for today’s participant-centered conferences
Register or order the MP3 recording.
Note: people who register for the teleseminar will get the MP3 recording of the session for free.

Date: Tuesday, October 17
Time: 7:00 pm Eastern, 6 pm Central, 5 pm Mountain, 4 pm Pacific
 (Enter your location here to get your local time)
Length: 60 minutes
Cost: $25

Special Limited-Time Offer:

If you would like more wisdom about how to create memorable presentations, we’re suggesting the MP3 recordings of several earlier programs to complement this program:

  • “Nuances of Great Keynoters” with Mark Scharenbroich, CSP, CPAE and Eric Chester, CSP, CPAE
  • “Integrate Powerful Hollywood Movie Trailer Techniques to Emotionally Engage Your Audience” (Webinar) with Nabil Doss

With your order of this live or recorded session, at checkout you will be offered these recordings.

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