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Teleseminar Info

Intensive — Giving Audiences the Engagement They Are Demanding

Audiences have changed. Attention spans are shorter. Groups are demanding more involvement, participation, and interactivity, even in keynotes.

How can you integrate activities that leverage the latest brain research to enhance your presentation? How can you add more Hollywood techniques that will engage, without being cheesy? What are some simple ways to add interaction without taking too much time, or disrupting your keynote’s flow?

These programs will answer these questions and more.

  • “Create Brain-Friendly, Participant-Centered Presentations for More Engagement and More Business” with Sarah Michel, CSP
  • “Integrate Powerful Hollywood Movie Trailer Techniques to Emotionally Engage Your Audience” with Nabil Doss (WEBINAR)
  • “Create Interactive Keynotes that Elicit Repeat Business” with Christie Ward, CSP

More details

All SNN single-focused intensive packages are detailed here.

From the Editors

Introduce yourself at Influence

If you’re attending “Influence,” the NSA convention, please introduce yourself to Rebecca (Ken’s unable to make it). Please forgive her if she doesn’t recognize your face from last time — meeting folks once a year doesn’t mean she can conjure up the last encounter.

Please send us your best “keepers” from the sessions, crediting the person whose wisdom you’re sharing.

You’re invited to join these meetings Rebecca is moderating:

“Convert Content into Cash” — Bloggers & Social Media meeting (everyone is welcome)

Tuesday, July 17
Emerald Room

If you blog, tweet, write articles for your website, LinkedIn, your blog and other places or if you create podcasts or videos, would you like to turn that content into cold, hard cash? This session will help. Here’s what will be shared:

  • Terry Brock, CSP, CPAE —Imagine getting a tiny deposit into your bank account every time you get a “like” on social media. Terry will pull back the curtain on the innovative platforms he is using to get paid for articles, videos, audio recordings, and even simple graphics. This technology is a major game changer for content creators.
  • Gina Carr, MBA —Want to reach millions with your message without spending a fortune? It’s never been easier! Learn how to create your own global, live “TV” show using simple and inexpensive platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and D.Live. Gina will share powerful strategies, tips, and tools to create a profitable show which can impact millions.
  • Heather Lutze, CSP —You have great content, but no one’s visiting or buying online. How do you get the right folks to your site so they can see — and buy — your products? Heather will discuss the latest SEO strategies for blogs and other sites.
  • Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC — Turn your blog entries, articles, workshop workbooks, and presentation slides into books, combining all elements. You can easily create a robust guide with content you have on your hard drive. Rebecca has created 19 “blooks” from her blog entries — it’s easy. Come hear her newest innovation — the “slook” — turning your slides into a book you can pre-sell to your clients, sell BOR, or provide as a review tool.

Together We Can Change the World introduction meeting

Monday, July 16
Wedgewood Room

We will again have a special session to introduce NSA members to TWCCTW, and update supporters. If you’ve been on one of our trips, please come to share about your experience. If you haven’t been, please come to hear more details on what we do and our 2019 trips.

Miscellaneous Tips

Business card flash driveSilver Donald Cameron

I ordered a bunch of business-card-sized wafer flash drives with my two-sided business card’s contents printed on them. You can put a huge amount of content on these. I put a selection of my writing and video work that reminds them who I am and what I do. I give them to key players at events. If you leave lots of space for the recipients, you can simply suggest that they use the card as a flash drive for their own purposes, with your compliments. Whenever they have the drive in their computer, they’re looking at your business card.

I bought mine from Flashbay.com, but there are other sources. They aren’t cheap, but they aren’t viciously expensive, and if 1% of them brings in new work, they’re a bargain.

Podcast promotion toolHalelly Azulay

I have been enjoying using Soundwise to promote my podcast’s teaser clip. For no charge, it easily and quickly transforms short audio clips (less than 60 seconds) to a graphic soundwave video for social media sharing. You just upload an image and the soundbite clip, and select the size, placement, and color of the soundwave, and voila!

Leave a voicemail more likely to be returnedJames Bower

Ever get those voicemail messages when the person leaving the message seems to be trying to set a speed record and you have to replay it six times to get the call-back phone number? Don’t be that person!

Visualize yourself writing your call-back number. See yourself writing the area code 1-2-3 (pause) then the first three digits 4-5-6 (pause) the last four digits 7-8-9-10. If you visualize writing the numbers down it will force you to deliver the number in a slow distinct manner, making it easier for the recipient to catch your number and return your call with out having to replay and replay the message.

Finally, leave your number at the beginning of your message. e.g. “This is John Doe 1-2-3 4-5-6 7-8-9-10.” Then leave the body of your message and repeat the phone number in the same manner at the conclusion of your message.

The person you left the message for will be able to get your number and actually check it because you have left it a second time at the end. Remember your objective is to get them to return your call, not set a speed record.

Instant PDF Download: “6 Keys to Rapidly Grow Your Speaking-Driven Business.” How to elevate your fees to “pro” status; How to overcome 6 biggest blockages that separate 5-figure speakers who struggle from 6-figure+ speakers who succeed; How to maximize your “revenue pie” and get your marketing/sales engine unstuck for good.

Technology Tips

LinkedIn tipRebecca Morgan

Have you wanted to connect with someone on LinkedIn, but their profile only has an InMail link, not a Connect one? Click on the More box and many times you’ll see Connect so you can send them an invitation to connect without needing to InMail them.

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