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  • Tue., Dec. 18 — Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE, will share cutting-edge, practical, real-world advice about how speakers, authors, consultants and other thought leaders can utilize live video, recorded video, and messaging video to expand their influence.

Intensive — Strategies and Tactics
for Generating Recurring Revenue

Steady, recurring revenue sounds great, doesn’t it? No more worrying about down months or client cancelations. You know your nut will be covered each month so you can sleep soundly and enjoy life.

But getting there isn’t going to happen instantly. There are pitfalls to avoid and strategies that will take a while to refine. Why not learn from what others have figured out so you can start without stumbling?

These three recordings will help you figure out what you need to have in place before you launch a recurring revenue program, as well as how to keep it humming.

  • “How to Run a Membership Program that People Actually Want to Join and Renew” with Joy Duling
  • “The Professional Speaker’s Blueprint to Monthly Recurring Income” with Stu McLaren
  • “Create a 6-Figure Income with Your Daily Content Machine” with JB Glossinger, MBA, PhD

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Miscellaneous Tips

Set up Google AlertsMary Schaefer

I set up Google Alerts for key topics of mine like “employee engagement” and “human resources problems.” I see articles I may not find any other way. Interesting articles give me an opportunity to give my take and share via social media, and/or comment directly on the article and engage with the author and other peers.

How to turn PowerPoint decks into videosWendy Kalman

This nifty step-by-step guide walks you through not only how to convert slides into a video file, but also how to upload to YouTube if you haven’t done that before.

Using images on cards to help clarify priorities and valuesCheryl McLaughlin

With our clients we’ve had great fun creating business card decks where there’s a mix of about 10 different photos and a website URL, or photos with quotes and URL on one side with the normal business info on the other. It’s a great Rorschach test, you can see quickly what people really respond to, and it often stimulates neat conversation. We often use Moo for the business cards, etc.

Rebecca Morgan Special deal — 1:1 consulting with Rebecca Morgan for tax-deductible donation to help disadvantaged women and children in SE Asia. This raises money for our “Together We Can Change the World” January visit to the Philippines. $125 for 1/2-hour consultation; $200 for 1 hour. Donate then set your consultation time at bit.ly/RebeccaTime.

Topic of the Month (TOTM) — Your Input Wanted

Our TOTM is: What is your favorite slide remote?

Send your brief, pithy responses to editor@SpeakerNetNews.com. Please put “Topic of the Month” or “TOTM” in the subject line.

Sierra Modro

  • Apple Watch — It works great as long as you are in Bluetooth range of the device (Mac, iPhone, iPad). That means an average of about 30–40 feet, so smaller conference rooms, or any time you have the laptop on stage. It just works.
  • Logitech Spotlight — Aside from the nifty features that it includes (which really ARE nifty!) it also just feels so good in my hand. I use this typically if I’m projecting from my Mac or I need longer range.
  • Kokuyo ring remote — this is a novelty, but I do get a kick out of using it when I can. It slips on my finger like a ring.

Ken Braly

I’ve used my iPhone connected over WiFi to my Mac running Keynote. The iPhone shows both the current slide and the next, which is handy (it even shows each part of a slide build separately). But I found myself staring at the phone more than I’d like. So I think I’ll stick most of the time to my Keyspan by Tripp Lite Presentation Pro PR-PRO3, which doesn’t require WiFi or Bluetooth.

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