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Teleseminar Info

Tuesday, July 9
Introvert Power:
Market Better if You’re an Introvert
(or You Sell to Them)

with Marcia Yudkin

Marcia YudkinAre you an introvert?

Some people think that anyone who can get up on a stage and speak to a large audience can only be an extrovert, but that isn’t true.

What is true is that even successful speakers can feel hesitant in a crowd, and some who have extrovert tendencies can be uncertain how to market to those who don’t.

The issue of being, and dealing with, introverts and extroverts is a fascinating one. You will gain new insights from this program.

Read more about this session at the bottom of this newsletter, then pre-order the MP3. Note: there will not be a live session available for this program. Please order the recording.

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Intensive — Bureau Owners Share
How Speakers Can Get More Bookings

Bureau owners hear from clients what makes speakers stand out — in the review process, on stage, and afterwards. They learn what you may never know. What makes some speakers rise to the top repeatedly? What causes some to never be considered?

Your relationship with the bureau is important, yet many speakers are confused about what bureaus will and won’t do for them. You’ll get clarification on that. You’ll hear how to avoid common turnoffs that guarantee your emails and calls won’t get returned.

And you’ll learn the truth about showcases and how to make these pay off for you.

These three recordings will give you insights on how to be more appealing to bureau owners.

  • “How to Secure Bureau Attraction” with Betty Garrett, CMP
  • “SpeakerSavvy: Wisdom from the Dark Side (A Bureau Owner Comes Clean)” with Bronwyn Hesketh
  • “Secrets of Landing Many More Speaking Engagements” with Steve Markman

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All SNN single-focused intensive packages are detailed here.

From the Editors

Introduce yourself at Influence

If you’re attending NSA’s “Influence,” convention, please introduce yourself to Rebecca (Ken’s unable to make it). Please forgive her if she doesn’t recognize your face from last time — meeting folks once a year doesn’t mean she can conjure up the last encounter.

Please send us your best “keepers” from the sessions, crediting the person whose wisdom you’re sharing.

You’re invited to join these meetings Rebecca is moderating.

  • Social Media/Bloggers meeting (Anyone is welcome) — Sat, July 27, 11:00–12:00, Aurora Exhibit Hall

— “Instagram Hacks: How Can You Can Take Advantage of Advanced Instagram Tactics Made Easy!” with Heather Lutze, CSP
— “Using Social Media Videos to Dramatically Increase Your Fan Base” with Gina Carr
— “Make Products from Your Memes” with Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC

  • Together We Can Change the World introduction meeting — Tues., July 30, 12:15–1:15 (bring your lunch into the session), Aurora Exhibit Hall

We will again have a special session to introduce National Speakers Association members to TWCCTW. If you’ve been on one of our trips, please come to share about your experience. If you haven’t been, please come hear details on what we do and our 2020 trips.

Miscellaneous Tips

Book cover and inside designerJayne Sanders

Michelle White of MWM Books (michellemwhite@bellsouth.net, www.mmwbooks.com) just finished my book cover and full interior design. I LOVE it! Very professional and elegant. She is easy to work with and reasonably priced.

Word choice tipsKathleen Watson

We’re judged by the way we write — and speak. Use care with these everyday words.

  • different *from* versus different *than*
    His speaking style is different from mine.
    His voice sounds different than it used to.
  • titled versus entitled
    Her book, which she titled Educated, became a bestseller.
    She’s entitled to all of the acclaim she has received from sharing her story.
  • compare to (similarities) versus compare with (contrasts)
    Her souffle recipe compares to one in a Julia Childs cookbook.
    Compared with my MacBook Pro, my first computer was a dinosaur.
  • anxious (feeling anxiety) versus eager (looking forward to with anticipation)
    I’m anxious about addressing such a large group, but I’m eager to share what I learned on my journey.

Photo sourcingBeth Terry

Copyright issues cover everything: photos, articles, cartoons, music, and videos. Some large organizations employ full-time legal departments to police this. It’s a good business practice to stay legal with your collateral materials and presentations. Photo Copyright 101

How do you know where a photo originated? Tineye gives you all the information you need for tracking down the original photo. If you right click on a photo online, you can grab the image address. Paste it into Tineye and it will tell you all the times it has been used. This is also useful for ferreting out claims about photos in news reports.

What makes content marketing effective nowVickie Sullivan

If you ever want to know what marketing tool is important, look at the budgets of the big dawgs. And a recent Forbes article makes it clear that content marketing is getting more than its fair share of investment.

What thought leaders need to pay attention to:

  • The machine is ramping up. Key quote: “One of the biggest trends in content marketing is that it’s all but taken over marketing departments.” Between that focus and the big assist from PR departments, the next year or two will be drinking from a fire hose.
  • A big expectation: making sure the content aligns with sales. This will become the new benchmark for content marketing effectiveness. It’s not enough to know your buyer; the content must go beyond “the journey” and telling stories.

Content marketing alignment with sales will be huge this year. So, let’s not allow the big dawgs that strategic advantage. Now is the time to ask yourself: What ideas will create urgency to reach out? What stories demonstrate the need so strongly that potential buyers take the next step?

(Editors’ note: Vickie conducted two information-packed SNN teleseminars: Make More Money: Position Your Expertise for High-Fee Markets and Getting Big-Fee Speaking Engagements from Sponsors. You can order the recordings.)

“Revive Your Speaking Business FAST” — Watch our FREE on-demand masterclass here. Marketing, sales, and business growth advice for emerging, mid-career, and elite speakers.

Travel Tips

U.S. speakers need a work permit in CanadaDenise Lee Yohn

Earlier this year I was denied entry into Canada and had to miss a speaking engagement because I did not apply for a work permit. Immigration officials sent me back to the U.S. on the next flight and I had to wait 6 months before re-entering. Thanks to a great immigration attorney, I was just able to successfully re-enter Canada and I now know the system for getting a work permit. It’s a bit of a hassle and involves you and your client paying fees, but it’s better than risking being turned away at the border.

Here’s my attorney (please tell them I sent you):

Avi Gomberg
Barreaux/Bars: Quebec and Ontario
Avocats Barristers and Solicitors
281, rue de la Commune Ouest
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2E1
Telephone: (514) 845-0991

Use hair dryer to dry clothesRebecca Morgan

If you rinse a garment in your hotel room sink, and need to wear it before it’s completely dry (after hanging it in the shower overnight), use the hair dryer to finish the drying.

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SpeakerNet News Teleseminar Info

Tuesday, July 9
Introvert Power:
Market Better if You’re an Introvert
(or You Sell to Them)

with Marcia Yudkin

Marcia YudkinWould you rather sit at home writing a long, heartfelt blog post or introduce yourself to potentially valuable new contacts at a loud, crowded networking meeting?

Introverts and extroverts have definite differences in what they enjoy and what they find harder to tolerate. In this teleseminar, Marcia discusses why and how to choose the self-promotional paths that suit your irrepressible gregariousness or your somewhat quiet nature, as well as how to tune into the personality of a target client.

Based on years of observation, surveys and in-depth one-on-one interviews, introvert advocate and marketing guru Marcia Yudkin shares some surprising implications of introvert/extrovert differences for marketing. Wherever you fall on this important personality dimension, you’ll discover how to be inclusive, rather than putting off one type or the other. (Unless you have good reason to target one personality pole or the other.)

You’ll learn how to be sensitive to this important personality dimension in your marketing copy, how you interact with audiences, and one-on-one (on the phone or face-to-face) with prospects or clients.

If you’re not sure whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert (or an ambivert, who is in between), take the following quick, free online quiz prior to the session.

In this teleseminar, you will learn:

  • four key extrovert and four key introvert preferences with implications for marketing
  • beyond stereotypes: Why your concept of who can excel at what may be wrong
  • which marketing techniques usually suit extroverts and which suit introverts
  • how to adjust your communication style when dealing with your opposite type

Note: there will not be a live session available for this program. Please order the recording.

Order the MP3 recording.

Date: Tuesday, July 9
Length: 60 minutes
Cost: $15

Special Limited-Time Offer:

If you would like more marketing ideas, we’re suggesting the MP3 recordings of several earlier programs to complement this program:

  • “Zero-Dollar Marketing for Speakers, Trainers and Consultants” with Bill James, CSP
  • “Create a Paid Mentorship Program to Capitalize on Your Expertise” with Marcia Yudkin

With your order of this recorded session, at checkout you will be offered these recordings.

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