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Monday, October 14
Monetize Your YouTube Channel
with Less Work Than You Think
with Nate Woodbury

Nate WoodburyYouTube has transformed the way speakers gain visibility. You want to show meeting planners what you can do in front of an audience? Point them to your YouTube videos.

But are you turning those videos into revenue as much as you might? Our next program features an expert at monetizing YouTube videos.

This might be just the knowledge you need to develop a new and powerful income stream.

Read more about this session at the bottom of this newsletter, then register or pre-order the MP3. Note: Everyone who registers for the webinar will get the MP3 recording of the session for free, as well as a link to the recorded video.

Intensive — Hot Tech Tools
to Grow Your Business Now

The speaking business is rapidly changing. If you aren’t using some of the newest digital tools in your presentation and beyond, you’ll look ancient in the buyer’s eyes. Plus, you won’t be capturing hot leads and fans’ information.

There’s so much to learn and master. What is going to give you the biggest payoff for the time and money you invest? What can you use in your presentation that has value to the audience and helps you qualify leads? How do you get people to give you permission to push your ongoing messages to them? What might you be missing that would have a big payoff?

In these three sessions, you’ll hear different views of what can yield big results for you.

  • “Convert Your In-Presentation Lead Magnets into Massive Sales” with Juliet Clark
  • “Techniques to Include in Your Presentation That Increase Repeat Bookings” with Mike Domitrz, CSP
  • “Growing Your Business in the Digital World” with Randy Gage

More details

All SNN single-focused intensive packages are detailed here.

Miscellaneous Tips

Book writing tip — Randy Gage

When writing a book, finish each day’s writing by setting up the next day’s. Whether it’s a new chapter or a continuation of the one you’re writing, begin writing the next section before you allow yourself to stop. Suppose you finish chapter one which is how to build a canoe. Chapter two is how to cross the river. So begin that chapter, even if it’s just a paragraph, or even a sentence or two.

Example: “All right, you’ve built your canoe and are excited to get it into the water. Let’s explore how you cross a river with it. The most important consideration is...” Or let’s say you need to stop mid-chapter. Suppose you’re writing a chapter on the three keys to losing weight. Finish keys one and two, then start key three before you stop. When you do this, there is no such thing as writer’s block, or needing 45 minutes to warm up your writing. You open the document and know immediately where to begin.

(Editors’ note: Randy offered lots of interesting information — and opinions — in his SNN teleseminars: “Growing Your Business in the Digital World,” “Transforming from Speaker to Information Entrepreneur” and “Booking More Business in Difficult Times.”)

Pass on media leadsHalelly Azulay

My assistant scours the daily emails from HARO, pulling out ones that may be a fit for me. I often pass these to people in my network, such as guests on my podcast or professional colleagues. If the topic is right up their alley I forward it to them with a short note. They’re surprised and delighted, they may get media coverage, the reporter finds the right people, and my colleagues are feeling grateful to me.

And it’s “cost” me less than 90 seconds of my day, plus I benefit from a feeling of giving, benevolence, and appreciation. I teach that good networking means building and maintaining mutually beneficial long-term relationships, and giving first and often. Check, check, and check!

Article to increase your phone effectivenessMary Schaefer

In this article, “10 Steps to Conquering Your Phone Anxiety,” Vanessa Van Edwards offers this tip to increase connectedness, specifically over a phone call: pull up your conversation partner’s LinkedIn profile or website as you chat. Benefits include referencing things about them as you speak, facilitating your voice being warmer, and helping you feel feel more connected and building rapport.

(Rebecca’s note: I recommend people read the LI profile *before* the call, not during, so you can craft relevant questions.)

Looking for women’s quotes to include in books, articles, talks?Rita Risser Chai

Here’s a compendium of quotes by women, including diverse voices, with some contemporaries and some classics.

“5 Steps to Speaking Success” — Watch our FREE on-demand masterclass here. Marketing, sales, and business growth advice for emerging, mid-career, and elite speakers.

Technology Tips

Using AI to improve presentationsWendy Kalman

Interesting WSJ article about an artificial intelligence (AI) coach within PowerPoint just launched by Microsoft Office. Among other things, “As the user rehearses a presentation by speaking into a desktop, laptop or smartphone microphone, the new tool can provide real-time feedback on pacing, word choice, language tics such as ‘um’ and ‘anyway.’ When the speaker is finished, it generates an instant report suggesting areas for improvement.” Here is another story from Tech Crunch about Presentation Coach.

Masking your phone numberSarah Layton

When making a call (landline or mobile) and you don’t want your number revealed, simply hit *67 and the phone number and something like “Private Number” will show on their screen.

Mac users Google update warningBeth Terry

If you haven’t updated your software for Chrome, don’t do it. If you have, follow the suggestions on this link.

From the Gizmodo story: “A serious flaw in Google Keystone, which controls Chrome updates, is capable of doing major damage to macOS file systems on some computers and has been linked to data corruption that struck Hollywood video editors and others, Variety reported.”

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Requests for Info / Advice

Seeking feedback on Tony Robbins KBB online courseEllen Kaye

Have you taken or are currently signed up for the new Tony Robbins & Dean Graziozi KBB online course? If so, please contact me as I’m very interested in your feedback.

SNN Offer
SNN’s “Book Marketing Report—What Really Works” features success tactics of those who’ve recently published a book, covering which marketing techniques work in today’s market and which don’t. This brief e-report shares proven tools for increasing books sales in our profession and in today’s challenging market.

SpeakerNet News Teleseminar Info

Monday, October 14
Monetize Your YouTube Channel
with Less Work Than You Think
with Nate Woodbury

Nate WoodburyYou may be well known within your niche, yet you know your expertise would be helpful to many more. But they don’t know you exist. Even with posting items to YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and even Facebook, your fan base isn’t growing as fast or as large as you’d like. Which also means you’re not seeing significant revenue from these efforts.

It’s really not that hard to monetize your YouTube efforts. However, it takes a clear, proven strategy, the discipline of monthly action, and stick-to-itiveness. The trick is to make videos that your potential customers want — and which aren’t competing with hundreds of other videos on the same topic.

Nate has helped dozens of speakers to mazimize their YouTube efforts. He’ll share what he’s learned that works, and what not to waste time doing.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • implement the opposite of common logic to ensure you’ll attract the right viewers
  • grow a massive following of potential customers on YouTube
  • make 7 figures as a result of your YouTube videos
  • film a month’s worth of episodes in one day
Register or order the MP3 recording.
Note: people who register for the webinar will get the MP3 recording of the session for free. Everyone who registers for the webinar session or orders the recording will get a link to the recorded video of the online webinar.

Date: Monday, October 14
Time: 7:00 pm Eastern, 6 pm Central, 5 pm Mountain, 4 pm Pacific
 (Enter your location here to get your local time)
Length: 60 minutes
Cost: $49 (WEBINAR)

Special Limited-Time Offer:

If you would like more tips for getting the most from your videos, we’re suggesting the MP3 recordings of several earlier programs to complement this program:

  • “YouTube: The Free Tool You’re Not Using Enough to Bring You Business” with Darren LaCroix, CSP
  • “Strategies, Tips and Tools for Creating Videos for Marketing and Sales” with Frank Furness

With your order of this live or recorded session, at checkout you will be offered these recordings.

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