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Colleagues are making big bucks with e-learning, both for individuals and for corporate clients. E-learning is not just uploading webinar videos, especially if you want to get into the lucrative continuing education market. It needs to have components that prove attendees understand the information.

With these three recordings, you’ll hear different approaches and strategies for making high-quality e-learning to sell to your clients and individuals.

  • “Cracking the Continuing Education Code for a Healthy Revenue Stream” with Jeff Justice, CSP
  • “Creating a Quality Video Course” with Mark Camacho
  • “Multiply Your Income by Leveraging Your Speech Content into a Training Product That You Don’t Have to Deliver” with Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE

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Miscellaneous Tips

Keep your nouns and pronouns in accordKathleen Watson

Disagreements continue about pairing the plural pronoun “they” with a singular noun. These examples show how you can avoid the mismatch:

  • Whoever (singular) breaks the rules is going to find they (plural) will be penalized
  • Whoever breaks the rules will find there are penalties.
  • A patient (singular) should feel comfortable with their (plural) physician.
  • Patients should feel comfortable with their physician.
  • Most experts say that as a baby (singular) grows and matures, they (plural) start sleeping longer at night.
  • Most experts say that as babies grow and mature, they start sleeping longer at night.
  • Anyone (any one person) who rides a bicycle should wear their (multiple persons) helmet.
  • Anyone who rides a bicycle should wear a helmet.
  • If you see someone (one person) using the back door, please direct them (multiple persons) to the front.
  • If you see people using the back door, please direct them to the front.

Try stand-up comedy to add more humor to your talksRebecca Morgan

If you already have humor in your talks, you might think that stand-up comedy would be easy. It is hard — really hard. Stand-up has a different rhythm than inserting a funny line every paragraph of a funny story. Stand-up is more set up, punch line, set up, punch line. I’m told good stand-up comedians don’t go more than 18 seconds without a laugh.

Having just completed a 4-week stand-up comedy course, culminating with a 4-minute routine at a comedy club, I can attest to this being one of the hardest skills to learn, even though I’ve been speaking for decades. However, I highly recommend it to get out of one’s comfort zone (I was nervous for the first time in many years right before performing my routine). You’ll learn new ways to add more one-liners and quips to your content. The goal isn’t to become a stand-up comedian, but to add even more zip to your talks.

Sales tipBill Conerly

I’m so tired of junk calls that I seldom answer calls from unknown numbers. But I took a chance today and booked a speech by answering the phone. My newsletter had just come out, leading to my new marketing rule: answer the phone on days my newsletter comes out.

Book launch ideasBrenda Bence

Here’s what I received in response to my question about good book launch ideas.

Ron Kaufman

We threw a massive party with so many great people and way too much good wine. Cost a fortune. Worth every cent.

We gave away 3,000 copies to every person at the HR Summit. Again, big investment, but the payoff comes and comes and comes for years.

Jennifer FitzPatrick

  1. Be bold with testimonial requests.
  2. Generate buzz early.
  3. Create a long-term book promotion strategy.
  4. Seek Amazon reviews.
  5. Get media.
  6. Host a lunch party, bookstore signing, or both!
  7. Run a campaign.
  8. Plan a stealth launch.
  9. Carefully consider Amazon categories.
  10. Pre-sale your book at speaking engagements.

Marion Grobb Finkelstein

Here are a few of the strategies that sold the most books:

  • Tap into your existing database, send emails about the launch and give a pre-launch special price, cheaper than ordering online from your website or on Amazon.
  • Host a book launch celebration. I had about 30 people at mine and sold 16 books.
  • Post on social media snippets from the book. Invite book buyers to also post on social media with pictures of them in the book.

Michael Podolinsky

My best idea ever was to have the publisher approach Kinokuniya and Times Books for me to do a free talk for them in exchange for exposure. Changi Airport (Singapore) and 7 meters of front window at KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) with “footsteps” on the floor to the display in the bookstore.

Roquita Johnson

For co-authors, ask them to all follow each other on social media platforms, and to tag each other in their posts announcing the book and tour. Posts get waaay more visibility this way.

It’s helpful to provide ready-made copy that co-authors and others can use when sending emails announcing the new book (and tour) to their email lists. They may tweak it slightly to suit their needs, but at least they all have a similar message and the most important points to share about the book and tour. You’ll also want to provide a social media copy template too.

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