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  • Sept. 12 — Martin Laschkolnig will discuss how to get international business
  • Sept. 26 — “Secrets to a Spectacular Signature Story” with Steve Spangler, CSP, CPAE
  • Oct. (date TBA) — “Selling Your Ideas and Services on Camera: How to Be Compelling to Get the Results You Desire” with Carolyn Strauss

Intensive — Use Artificial Intelligence
to Dramatically Streamline Your Efforts

AI is all the rage. It can be an incredibly useful tool to advance your business, but there are pitfalls that can get you in trouble. It can help you outline an article or book, write a video script or sales letter, and myriad other tasks. But using it to write a book may get all your work banned from Amazon.

How can you use this tool ethically, legally, and productively? These three webcast recordings give you ideas you likely haven’t thought of.

  • “Ridiculously Easy Ways to Amplify Your Reach and Your Revenue with AI” with Shawna Suckow, CSP
  • “Increase Your Thought Leadership — and Income — with ChatGPT and AI” with Gina Carr, MBA & Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE
  • “New Tools to Increase Your YouTube Followers and Your Bank Account” with Chuck Gallagher, CSP

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Miscellaneous Tips

The future of social media engagementVickie Sullivan

A lot of us post on social media, so it’s extremely helpful to know how these platforms will behave in the coming months. To help us, Social Media Today offered their predictions on what to expect.

I like how the writer organized the article. Pick your platform to get the latest. And yep, the Twitter section is almost empty, since Elon Musk’s ownership has made predicting trends for that platform nearly impossible. But it’s worth looking at the other insights.

Here’s 4 key social media predictions that could impact your plans:

  • More exposure to outsiders. Big platforms know it’s hard to build a following. So, Facebook is following TikTok’s lead and adjusting its algorithms to display recommended content. Result: More folks outside of your community will see your posts. This is a double-edged sword, though, because engagement with current contacts might be reduced.
  • External links in posts will be frowned upon. The reason why platforms suppress posts that have external links is obvious: They want you to spend more time with them. Watch for a rise in memes and conversation starters. The big question now: How do we share our blog posts if people don’t see our social posts linking to them?
  • From feeds to DMs. Expect a big increase in DM (direct message) marketing. If you don’t have a person’s contact information, direct messages are a great way to reach out to others. A lot of people already do this, so expect engagement on direct pitches to decrease. DMs could be used to distribute free content marketing pieces, though.
  • Increased focus on video and audio. LinkedIn is prioritizing video and audio, so watch for a flood of that kind of content on the platform. Video and audio are great mediums for getting personal in a business setting. Use them to showcase your personal style and thinking.

Bottom line: Social media is under renovation. Be prepared to pivot.

Create custom & personalized email templatesSusan Friedmann

If you’re tired of writing the same answers to common questions, I recommend an awesome no-cost tool: Briskine! It lets you customize and personalize email templates, saving you a ton of time.

The Events Industry in the Palm of Your Hand
Rebecca Morgan Take your “good” presentations to “stellar” by enrolling in the Rebecca Morgan/eSpeakers Virtual Master Presenter course and designation. Five-part live, virtual course starts Sept. 15. Limited space. Details.

Travel Tips

Alaska Air tipRebecca Morgan

If you’re flying Alaska Air and also have status (Gold and above) with American, enter your AA number on the reservation and you then get two free checked bags.

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TEDx event questionsAl McCree

If you’ve organized a TEDx event, would you please contact me?

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