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  • Nov — “Become Your Client’s Most Memorable Speaker” with Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE. Details coming.

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Intensive — Use Artificial Intelligence
to Dramatically Streamline Your Efforts

AI is all the rage. It can be an incredibly useful tool to advance your business, but there are pitfalls that can get you in trouble. It can help you outline an article or book, write a video script or sales letter, and myriad other tasks. But using it to write a book may get all your work banned from Amazon.

How can you use this tool ethically, legally, and productively? These three webcast recordings give you ideas you likely haven’t thought of.

  • “Ridiculously Easy Ways to Amplify Your Reach and Your Revenue with AI” with Shawna Suckow, CSP
  • “Increase Your Thought Leadership — and Income — with ChatGPT and AI” with Gina Carr, MBA & Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE
  • “New Tools to Increase Your YouTube Followers and Your Bank Account” with Chuck Gallagher, CSP

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Miscellaneous Tips

Record audio book before sending your book to the printerRebecca Morgan

At a recent writers conference, a speaker on audio books made a suggestion all authors could use, especially those who self-publish. He said to record the audio book before printing the book. Why? Because you’ll not only discover typos that just reading it to yourself didn’t catch, but you’ll also hear awkward sentences that need rewriting. Of course, a good editor will also help. But I thought this was a good step even after the editor has looked over the manuscript before going to press.

Use journalists’ technique in your contentLorri Allen

Journalists, in the interest of transparency, want to frame breaking news events in a “what we know now” format. When you use that format in posts or articles, also consider adding content around what many anchors will say next: “Here’s what we don’t know” or “Here’s what we’re waiting to find out.”

The future of live eventsVickie Sullivan

Combine gamification with an immersive experience and what do you get? Possibly the future of live events, according to a Fast Company article.

Farfetched? Perhaps. Or this could be the beginning of how large live events create memorable experiences that drive brand awareness and attendance. Given the hyper-competitive environment for participants, I wouldn’t be surprised.

The bigger issue, however, is the thinking behind this innovation for live events. The masterminds added a unique spin to a popular trend to meet different goals.

“People are looking for connection, after the pandemic especially,” says Production Club CEO Corey Johnson in the article. “The metaverse doesn’t offer human connection. ... I think grounding the experience in the physical, then extending it into the digital, is what we’re aiming for.”

You can apply the same strategy to your services. What hot new trend can you take advantage of by adding something unique to it? How can you use that trend in a new environment and create the best of both worlds?

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