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Selling More BOR Products

The Program:

Selling back of the room (BOR) takes skill. Audiences hate feeling held hostage during an infomercial. But if you can couch it right, you’ll not only be helping them assimilate your information, but you’ll make a tidy income.

These three SNN teleseminar recordings will give you information on the do’s and don’ts of BOR sales. By integrating these experts’ ideas, you’ll walk in with boxes of product, and leave with pockets of cash.

Darren LaCroix Got Product? Go from Zero Dollars to Six Figures in Product Sales in Two Years or Less
with Darren LaCroix, CSP, AS
Debbie Bermont Make Many Products from Every Presentation
with Debbie Bermont
Michael Lee Selling Back-of-the-Room Without Being Thrown Off the Platform
with Michael Soon Lee, MBA, CSP

How to order:

Get all three programs, in MP3 format, for only $34.


Additional resources for this intensive:

Be sure to download these after you order:

  • Darren LaCroix provided a detailed handout for his session. When you purchase this intensive, we will email you a link for downloading the handout.
  • Debbie Bermont handout -- (PDF, 236K)
  • Michael Lee handout -- (PDF, 120K)

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