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Cutting-Edge Revenue-Generating Technology Tips

Terry BrockGuest Expert:

Terry Brock, CSP, CPAE   (About Terry)

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The Program:

How can you utilize easy-to-use technology tools to help you make more money? How can you tap current and emerging technologies to increase your buzz — and your income? What Web 2.0 ideas can you implement without a lot of pain or investment?

Terry shares current tools that will help you not only catch up, but also catapult you past your competitors. Terry’s enthusiasm is contagious, and he speaks in lay terms, not techno-ese. Come learn the latest tools as well as next-generation technologies to further your career.

You will learn:

  • why you might want to use video podcasts vs. audio podcasts, and how to easily post these to your blog or Web site
  • why you want to have video on YouTube and how to easily upload
  • how developing a online coaching program can exponentially increase your income
  • how to use other productivity tools like Jott and Simulscribe
  • what tech technology can help you secure and deliver international presentations
  • what it’s like switching from Windows to Mac (Okay, not “switching” but adding both sides to your business mix)
  • how wireless broadband can help speakers
  • how to stay in touch when away using international mobile phone solutions
  • what R-Commerce is and how it beats the socks off any E-Commerce solution

More about our guest expert:

Terry Brock, CSP, CPAE is a professional speaker and a columnist for business journals around the United States. He writes about technology, marketing and the Internet weekly in his column “Succeeding Today.”

Since 1983 he has worked full time as a marketing and management consultant and professional speaker, speaking about productivity and increasing profitability for businesses in industries such as banking, distribution, sales, marketing, real estate and finance. If you want fun, informative sessions, and to change your life for the better, Terry is your man! His sessions are entertaining and packed with useful, “put-it-to-work-right-now” information.

Terry served as president of the local professional speakers chapter in Georgia and served for six years on the board of directors of the National Speakers Association.