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This is a list of recordings which have proven to be the most popular. We update the list twice a year.

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Work Half the Time and Make Twice the Income Leading “Virtual Action Groups”
with Robert Middleton
MP3  $15 Transcript  $20

How to Get on Oprah and Other Talk Shows
with Laurie Fried
MP3  $15 Transcript  $20

The Anatomy of a Remarkable, Convention-Maker Keynote
with Joe Calloway, CSP, CPAE
MP3  $15 Transcript  $20

That’s Original!—Create Clever, Proprietary Titles and Content
with Sam Horn
MP3  $15

Getting Big-Fee Speaking Engagements from Sponsors
with Vickie Sullivan
MP3  $15 Transcript  $20

Selling to the Corporate Market: The Who, What and How of It
with Mitchell Goozé, CSP
MP3  $15

How to Get Booked and Make Money Forever
with Larry Winget, CSP, CPAE
MP3  $15 Transcript  $20

Getting Syndicated for Fame and Profit
with Barbara Feldman
MP3  $15

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