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Remarkability Factor: How to Craft Messaging
That Stands Out and Authentically Attracts
Ideal Clients Every Time

Jason Van OrdenGuest Expert:

Jason Van Orden
(About Jason)

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The Program:

How can you set yourself apart as your ideal client’s must-have solution? In a market crowded with more speakers, trainers, consultants and coaches every day, it can feel challenging to identify what makes you different.

Add to that the fact that, as experts, there’s often a gap between what our best-fit clients are looking for and what we are saying in our content and marketing. As a result, otherwise-perfect prospects come and go without realizing you have the solution they need most.

This program will help you to craft messaging that deeply resonates with those you serve best. You’ll discover a proven framework for clearly communicating your value and inspiring your ideal clients to work with you.

In this session, you will learn:

  • the #1 most important principle that will make or break your messaging
  • 3 vital elements your messaging must have to gain attention and trust
  • the first question your offer must answer to inspire clients to work with you
  • how to remove the objections and concerns that keep perfect clients from working with you
  • how to make marketing feel like an authentic act of service rather than an annoying chore

More about our guest expert:

Jason helps six-figure coaches and consultants scale to seven figures with his Scalable Genius™ Method to help them reach and serve more of their ideal clients. He draws from almost 20 years of experience, including launching over 60 courses and programs, working with more than 10,000 entrepreneurs, and launching the first-ever podcast about internet business, which spent ten years as a top-ten-ranked business podcast.


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