SNN Subscription Series

Save money with the SNN Subscription Series

Get every information-packed SpeakerNet News teleseminar and webcast recording, for a fraction of the cost!

Order the Recording subscription, and get the information and ideas you need to keep on the cutting edge of your business.

How it works

You’ll receive an MP3 audio recording of each teleseminar and an MP4 video recording of each webcast PLUS the audio recording for relistening while multitasking. PLUS you can come to any live session. What a deal!

Recordings will be ready for download within a day after the seminar (we’ll email you when it’s ready).

Your subscription begins with the most recent past program recording.


With your subscription, future recordings are only $10 each. This does not apply to past recordings. This is a substantial savings over the price for individual recordings.

How to order

This is a recording-to-recording subscription. Your credit card will be charged each time a new recording is sent.

Order Subscription

However, if it is more convenient for you to pay once for an entire year of recordings, you can order an annual subscription for $240. This will include at least two recordings per month, plus any bonus recordings we do.

Order Subscription

Attend the programs, too

You can attend the live program if you want, for free. You’ll also receive the recording from that session, so you can listen to it later to reinforce key points. Just email us and let us know you’d like to attend the program, so we can tell you how to dial in. This is on a space-available basis. There may be some times when we can’t accommodate your request because the session is sold out, but we’ll accommodate you as often as possible.

Easy to stop your subscription at any time

You can stop your subscription at any time. Just email us “Stop my subscription, please” and we won’t send you any more recordings.

100% money-back guarantee

As always, we stand behind our products. If a recording is defective or not up to the quality you’ve grown to expect from us, let us know and we’ll replace it or credit your account.

Keep the learning coming for less than $1/day

Normally, our audio recordings of teleseminars are $15 each, and audio and video recordings of webcasts are $49 each. With the SNN Subscription Series, you’ll pay only $10 per recording. We typically conduct two programs per month, so that’s less than $1 per day for high-quality learning from some of the speaking business’ best minds.

Register today!

Don’t delay starting your subscription. Just order the recording subscription. Or if you’d prefer to pay once for an entire year’s worth of recordings, order the annual subscription.

Fine print: The only way we can keep our prices at such a minimal cost is to keep administration very low. We’re modeling this after some other "X of the month" clubs that send you the product automatically (e.g., book-, fruit-, or beer-of-the-month clubs). So if you don’t want a particular recording, you can give it to someone else — a mentee or someone else who could use it. We can’t accommodate opting in and out of individual recordings.

You may attend programs live for free as long as your subscription is active, and as long as there’s room in the session.

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