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Do you know other speakers, trainers, consultants, or coaches who would benefit from the weekly tips, teleseminars and products offered by SpeakerNet News? Would you like to earn a commission from helping them find our unique services?

It’s easy to do! Simply tell others about SpeakerNet News, and we’ll send you compensation when they purchase from us. You don’t have to do any selling, just send visitors to our website through your unique Affiliate URL. We’ll pay you a 50% commission on eProduct sales.

In addition to our teleseminar programs, you can tell your readers about our teleseminar recording subscription service where they can get each recording (MP3) for a much-reduced price, starting with the first two for $4.95. (You receive commission on every charge made to their credit card for this program.)

Sign up to become an Affiliate here. You’ll receive an email with your link to include in emails to your contacts, put on your Web page, and include in any printed materials. The software will track the people who come to us through you, and figure your commission; you can check the site to see how much you’ve earned.

We know that it’s impossible for us reach every speaker, trainer, and consultant who could benefit from the wisdom that industry experts bring to our ezine and teleseminars. So we are more than happy to let you help spread the word. Let your contacts sign up for our free weekly ezine, and then you share our profits when they make a purchase. You can trust that they will receive first-rate service from us.

Here’s what makes our affiliate program so powerful:

  • Our weekly SNN ezine reminds your referrals of upcoming programs and new products.
  • We provide the high-quality products and service your clients require and expect.
  • You’ll earn ongoing commissions for as long as your referral buys from us.
  • Our system tracks with cookies and ID numbers to make sure you get your commission.
  • You can always check your stats and visitors in real-time to see how you’re doing.
  • You’ll receive an email notification of any sales you make.

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(Note: We pay commission only on purchases made by people other than the Affiliate. In other words, you won’t earn commission on purchases you make for yourself. This is pretty common in the industry.)

The affiliates who receive the biggest checks actively promote our products in their ezine, with special mailings and on their Web sites. They don’t merely list an item by name with their affiliate link, they grab the sales copy from the SNN Web site and add their own comments or testimonial on why the think this product will be valuable to their readers, and entice them to action. You can receive fat checks just by enthusiastically telling your list why you think our product(s) would benefit them. We’ll take very good care of them when they buy from us.

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