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Teleseminars Soup to Nuts:
How to Provide Profitable, Low-Work,
High-Value Seminars

Rebecca MorganGuest Expert:

Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC
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The Program:

You've watched as your colleagues have added teleseminars to their offerings and seen them have great success. You want to start offering these yourself, but you don't know all the intricacies. Where do you start? How do bridge lines work? What format works best? What day of the week and time of day? How much should you charge? What about registration and logistics? And then how do you manage the call itself to give the highest value?

Rebecca has been called the "Barbara Walters of teleseminars" for her ability to provide in-depth information via her teleseminars. She's a pioneer in conducting teleseminars in various formats. She will share info on how to get started and how to refine your sessions if you are already offering teleseminars. Come hear from one of the true masters in this medium.

You will learn:

  • The hidden benefits of doing teleseminars
  • The type of teleseminars and pros and cons of each
  • Pricing strategies for your target market
  • What you need to know about logistics: bridge lines, registration, confirmation, pre-session surveys, recording, post-session evaluations
  • Best strategies for getting the word out to your market
  • How you prepare for your teleseminar that is different than an in-person session

Additional resources for this seminar:

When you purchase the recording, you will be emailed a link where you can download a handout prepared by Rebecca, with additional resource information.

About our guest expert:

Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC, is a bestselling author, consultant and professional presenter. She focuses on creating innovative interventions for long-term results to people development issues. She's a pioneer in using teleseminars as a revenue stream, an introduction to her services, a follow on to her in-person sessions, and an alternative for remote groups. She's led teleseminars with participants around the world.

Here's what her peers say about her skills:

"Wow, Rebecca is REALLY good as a teleseminar facilitator -- organized, professional, personal, honest, relaxed, insightful, inquisitive, and humble enough to step aside and let the expert talk." --Mariah Burton Nelson

"Rebecca did an excellent job of facilitating Joe Calloway's seminar. She followed the outline, covered the points, and added an additional question when there was an opportunity for a more in depth answer." --Pam Gordon

"I truly did not fully appreciate how good Rebecca is at hosting the SNN teleseminars until last week. I participated in a teleseminar last week and almost went nuts when the "facilitator/host" failed to interact/comment/guide/direct/help, etc., the guest speaker at all. She just introduced him and then "forced" the poor guy to talk to dead air for 45 minutes! Absolutely amazing." --Liz Weber

"In my corporate life I was the chief executive human resources officer and did many presentations on interviewing. I shared this so that you know my observations about interviewing skills come from experience. In each tape you were simply outstanding in your initial questioning and your follow up inquiries. Someone one said that you can better judge first rate minds by questions asked rather than by answers given." --Juan Negroni


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