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Create Salable Products from Your Blog Entries

Rebecca MorganGuest Expert:

Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC   (About Rebecca)
with special guest host Michael Soon Lee, CSP

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The Program:

Using your blog postings is the best way to produce your next book. Creating audio product from those entries is an easy way to create CDs and MP3s for sale. Why use this route? There are so many advantages that writing a book or creating an audio album the old way no longer makes much sense. In fact, you may have so much content that you are able to launch a series of books and CD albums — Rebecca has released 15 books (100–230 pages each) from her blog postings in the first four months of this year.

What are the advantages? Are there disadvantages? How do you maximize your writing to position your book/recording for strong sales when it’s produced? How can you use excerpts of your blog to drive book/CD/MP3 sales and create a boatload of raving fans in the process?

You will learn:

  • How writing a book via your blog differs from writing the old-fashioned way
  • The many advantages of writing your book (or your recording script) through your blog
  • How to leverage your blog’s exposure to promote your book and CDs/MP3s
  • What you have to do to turn your postings into book format and into recordings
  • Getting your blog’s fans to be peer reviewers and editors, and to market for you

More about our guest expert:

Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC, produces two popular blogs. She’s turned the postings into 15 books that she now sells BOR and on the Internet. The prolific writer and bestselling author of 8 other books will share how she produced so many products without writing in one setting for hours on end. She’s now turning her writing into podcasts and paid MP3s/CDs.

Her consistent blog postings resulted in top search rankings, interviews on TV and radio and in newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal — twice — as well as international media. Her other books have landed her on Oprah, 60 Minutes, in USA Today and even the Borneo Bulletin! She travels the world sharing her workplace effectiveness expertise with clients from Bakersfield to Brunei.