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Terry BrockGuest Expert:

Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE
(About Terry)

How to order the recording:

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Webinar video:

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The Program:

Your client really wants you to present at their managers’ meeting of 500 but they have no funds for your travel. Or, you have a heavy speaking schedule and a favorite client asks you to present for 30 minutes at their executive retreat. Or, there’s been a major event that makes traveling to the meeting venue impossible. Sound familiar?

What do you do?

You set up a webcast and the client shows you speaking to their group on the meeting room large screen. You save the day by appearing virtually and delivering your important message. You didn’t have to get on a plane. You save the client some money and your body some wear and tear. Yet you still added lots of value to their event. And you generate revenue without leaving home!


Some of what you will learn:

  • the benefits of presenting virtually
  • the ins and outs of the technology needed on your end and at the venue
  • to adapt your style to this presentation mode
  • to set up your office for best projection
  • how to prevent the most common tech glitches

More about our guest expert:

Terry Brock has presented numerous times using Skype for groups in distant cities. He has learned what to do and what (important) mistakes you want to avoid. This webinar can put some money in your pocket as an alternative and additional method for presenting.

Terry is someone who can help you not only understand what is available with video today, but he explains it in plain English with a slant on how you can generate increased revenue in your business. His undergrad degree is in Communications where we worked with radio, TV, and newspapers. He has a rich history of deploying technology to help business leaders build mutually beneficial relationships and video is one of the best was to forge and enhance relationships.


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