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Dissecting a Masterful Keynote

Steve JudgeGuest Expert:

Steve Judge
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The Program:

Have you watched a masterful speaker and wondered how they crafted such a memorable presentation? What went into their decisions about word choice, stories, slides and movement?

In this session, we’ve asked Steve to share parts of his mesmerizing keynote, then he dissects his choices. He explains why he included certain parts and performed in certain ways so you can learn his thought process when putting together your talks.

Steve shares the nuances of his story choices, and the crafting of telling them. He explains how and why he includes audience interaction, which is uncommon in keynotes, as well as why asking questions of the audience only works if you inspire them to answer.

You will learn:

  • nuances of constructing a powerful keynote
  • subtleties of story choices and performing them to get results
  • why and how to question your audience on their potential action
  • refinements to make your keynote memorable so you get referrals and rebookings

More about our guest expert:

As a global professional speaker, Steve Judge has received multiple speaker awards. He’s written two books, his most recent is GOLD which is in synergy with his keynote. He shares the five winning ways that help people unlock the power of their potential. This “Good to GOLD” concept is what Steve used to take him from wheelchair to world champion and beyond.


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